“Every company goes through challenges at all stages of growth.


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Plan to Succeed

In order to develop a stable and successful business, every company needs to have a plan in place to meet specific goals and objectives.

While many businesses have procedures in place to execute their strategies and tactics, many find themselves mired in running the day-to-day business operations. Instead, their focus should be on working with a deliberate methodology to improve productivity and accountability to produce measurable business results.

About Awsumb Enterprises

Awsumb Enterprises, established in 2004, provides growth strategies and initiatives to companies experiencing shortfalls in revenue, gross margin and net profit.

Working with regional and national companies, Awsumb Enterprises offers clients consulting and strategic solutions that drive growth initiatives and produce measurable results for their businesses.

Whether it’s a corporate or entrepreneurial environment, Awsumb Enterprises addresses all areas of management, giving companies the leadership they need to achieve maximum market penetration and to attain short- and long-range goals for sales growth.

Additionally, Awsumb Enterprises works with executive leadership teams to provide an objective view of current operations and an assessment of team members, financial impact and all elements in each functional area of the company. Then we can work to provide a pathway to increased sales and profitability.

The woman behind it all.

Judi Awsumb founded Awsumb Enterprises with the goal of providing sales and strategic marketing services to companies regionally and nationwide.

Beginning her career rising through the sales and management ranks of Exxon Information Systems, Awsumb was recognized for six consecutive years as one of the top sales and management leaders in the nation. While serving a client, she was recruited to join Delta Business Systems to replace the Founder and Executive Vice President.

At Delta, Awsumb was responsible for driving dramatic growth in revenue and market share which resulted in doubling the size of the company in less than three years. Acquired by Alco Standard, the company eventually became IKON Office Solutions. During her 19-year tenure as Vice President of IKON Office Solutions, the company continued its significant growth in the Florida district to over $200 million.

In 2004, Judi brought her expertise to her own company, Awsumb Enterprises, where she assists clients in their own growth strategies.


Next Stage

An avid supporter of women business owners and leaders, Awsumb Enterprises strongly encourages both established and newly formed woman-owned businesses to seek leadership and strategic business planning to maintain long-lasting success. If you’re a woman-owned business recently graduating from the ATHENAPowerLink program, or if you’re a newly established woman-owned business, Awsumb Enterprises can be the strategic leadership you need to take your business to the next level.

WE-Women Entrepreneurs, founded by Judi Awsumb, was created to help women entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their companies in a confidential, supportive, professionally facilitated environment where other successful women business owners can learn from each other for mutual benefit. WE develops and implements innovative solutions to the many business challenges women leaders face by sharing experiences and expertise in a collaborative familiar “peer to peer” learning environment. The roundtable group utilizes the collective knowledge of the group to improve, grow and achieve profitability objectives through a highly developed interactive process.



Winning Strategy

A ‘Winning Strategy’ is developed by analyzing internal procedures as well as external factors that affect your business. By executing a well-developed strategic plan, measuring progress and by continually adjusting to arising business challenges as they occur, over time, the company will develop a successful competitive advantage and accomplish significant growth initiatives.


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